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Body shaming remains prevalent regardless of size

Photo courtesy of Anna Shvets, Pexels. As social media platforms continue to grow, so do their audiences. There are more than just well intentioned users on these platforms. There are trolls, hackers and bullies. The TikTok platform has grown and bloomed into something that includes trends, lifestyle tips, and the sad […]

Facebook bans white nationalism and white supremacy

Photo courtesy Anthony Quintano, Flickr Facebook announced that they will begin banning those who support and represent white nationalism and white separatism on both Facebook and Instagram on March 27. This decision came 13 days after a white nationalist opened fire on a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 50 […]

Makeup gurus on YouTube are inspiring new trends

Photo courtesy of Glenn Francis, Wikipedia Makeup trends are everywhere and anywhere this year. YouTubers and influencers are constantly posting makeup tutorials and looks that shape the way the viewers at home express themselves through the art of makeup. We want to have flawless makeup looks and we want to […]