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BeReal demands vulnerability from users

All summer long, teenagers have been participating in a phenomenon known as BeReal. The app, which launched in 2020, gained significant popularity during the last few months for promoting its users to be authentic online. According to Time, downloads “increased 86% month-over-month from June for a total of 7.8 million” […]

Search Engine Threatens Security of Personal Devices

Shodan.io, an online search engine designed to reveal the location of internet-connected devices, has drawn criticism from many who cite security concerns. According to Forbes magazine – which described Shodan as “the terrifying search engine that finds internet-connected cameras, traffic lights, medical devices, baby monitors and power plants” – the […]

College Introduces Wi-Fi Across Entire Campus

Photo by Nicole Williams Ramapo College now has something in common with your favorite Starbucks. While the coffee here has not changed, the school’s internet connectivity has. Ramapo College has gone from students bringing their own personal access points to school-hosted wireless internet. Boasting campuswide coverage, Ramapo promises to connect […]