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Agatha Christie remake is well worth a one-way ticket

Photo courtesy of Angela George, Wikipedia Adapting “Murder on the Orient Express” to film in our contemporary period is a bit of a challenge. The original Agatha Christie classic created an unnerving claustrophobic setting accompanied by a great focus on detailed conversations and investigation that mystery stories of that time […]

Gangster Biopic Amasses Buzz, Cast Steals Show

Photo Courtesy of Angela George, Wikimedia Commons Johnny Depp has long been in a creative slump, his career kept afloat only by the goodwill of audiences who remember the early days, before Depp became a makeup-caked caricature starring almost exclusively in the productions of Tim Burton and Jerry Bruckheimer. “Black […]

Toronto Film Festival Precursor to Oscar Success

Photo courtesy of Siebbi, Flickr Creative Commons The largest film festival in the world, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), kicked off on Thursday with plenty of buzz provided by largely independent productions. The public festival has become one of the most prestigious of its kind and noted as the first […]