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Ramapo News alumni: where are they now?

Photo by Scott Yunker The Ramapo College of New Jersey has published a student-run newspaper continuously since the autumn of 1971, one year after classes first began at the then-new institution. Nearly 50 years later, the paper’s newsroom has played host to countless Roadrunners. The current staff of the Ramapo […]

Journalist t-shirt is offensive and should not be sold

Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart, Flickr Since the election, the news media has been the target of fake news attacks through the current president’s tweets and through selling of explicit shirts. Recently, Walmart removed a T-shirt from third company website manufacturer, Teespring, that said, “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required.” […]

Veteran Tech Journalist Gives Talk on Campus

Photo by Sarah Sanchez Professional journalist Andrea Smith came to Ramapo College on March 2 to talk about her experience in a field that has undergone – and continues to undergo – tremendous change over the past decade. She gave an informal presentation that covered her life as well as […]

Underreported News Leaves World Issues in the Dark

During my first semester at Ramapo I was given an assignment to write a paper on a news story that had been rarely discussed in mass media. The assignment involved going to a website that shares news topics not often addressed by the mass media, which got me thinking: the […]