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Kanye West spirals further into conservative controversy

Grammy-winning and internationally renowned rap artist Kanye West’s recent actions have led to a wave of backlash and criticism among his fans, political activists and fellow music artists. West recently wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt alongside conservative political commentator Candance Owens, made an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and […]

“Jesus Is King” film exceeds the conventional

Photo courtesy of Karl Hab, Flickr No one really knows what to expect when it comes to the meticulously crafted world of Kanye West. Whether it be the frenzied sneaker releases, the development of Star Wars-like dwelling structures or the release of an IMAX film dedicated to his “Sunday Service” and overall […]

Inspirations for 2019 Halloween costume ideas

Photo courtesy of Nathan Rupert, Flickr It’s that time of year again where one of the most prominent thoughts on people’s minds (if they haven’t decided already) is what exactly they’ll be dressing up as for Halloween this year. What seems like a fairly simple task is one that is […]

Standards Fall as More Celebrities Consider Presidency

Photo courtesy of Aphrodite in N.Y.C., Wikipedia On June 16, 2015, United States politics changed forever when then CEO Donald J. Trump announced his presidential bid. Though his future comments and actions were the main cause of controversy throughout the nation, Trump first made headlines simply by being an American […]

Waves of Criticism Continue to Plague Tidal Streaming

Photo Courtesy of Project Panther Ltd. The music-streaming platform Tidal has made waves recently, as superstar performers like Kanye West and Rihanna have released their latest albums exclusively through the online music streaming service. The platform includes over 25 million tracks and 75,000 music videos. The streaming platform claims to […]

Video Game Sequels in Vogue

Photo Courtesy of Naughty Dog Several major video games are set to be released this spring, making the season an important one for gamers and technology aficionados. In the months following the holiday season, the market is saturated with new video games, as the gaming industry attempts to persuade customers […]

Time Publishes Annual ‘100 Most Influential People’

Photo courtesy of GildaNSquire, Flickr Creative Commons Time Magazine published its annual edition of the "100 Most Influential People,” a list that pinpoints figures in the United States and abroad who have had an impact on society. This year, as with every prior year, the magazine honors true leaders in addition […]