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Kim Kardashian revels in self-parody as SNL host

Photo courtesy of Love Lira Fashion, Flickr. “Saturday Night Live” has returned to 30 Rock for its 47th season on air. With two episodes already completed, it is easy to say that this will continue to be a rather interesting season. In the second episode of the season, “Saturday Night Live […]

“KUWTK” is set to end after 14 years on air

Photo courtesy of Britt Bellamy, Vimeo   When Kim Kardashian lost her earring in the ocean, we all could all hear Kourtney Kardashian’s voice saying “Kim, there are people that are dying;” however now we can add the family’s hit reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” to the list […]

“Jesus Is King” film exceeds the conventional

Photo courtesy of Karl Hab, Flickr No one really knows what to expect when it comes to the meticulously crafted world of Kanye West. Whether it be the frenzied sneaker releases, the development of Star Wars-like dwelling structures or the release of an IMAX film dedicated to his “Sunday Service” and overall […]

In Light of Controversial Nude Photos, Women Deserve Right to Privacy

Photo Courtesy of Toglenn, Wikipedia Throughout the past few years, there have been numerous conflicts and controversies about nudity and women on social media. Women have dealt with serious situations that involved their nude photos exposed on the Web — posted intentionally or unintentionally. If a woman wants to post […]