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Eric Porterfield should resign for homophobic comments

Photo courtesy of West Virginia Legislature A West Virginia Republican state lawmaker is facing bipartisan backlash after comparing LGBTQ+ people to the Ku Klux Klan in a recent interview.  In the interview, Eric Porterfield claimed the LGBTQ+ community has “persecuted” him because of comments he has made in the past […]

Public figures should be punished for using blackface

Photo courtesy of William H. West Minstrel Show, Wikipedia The troublesome tradition of blackface has made its way back into the public spotlight, as certain politicians, celebrities and brands have been accused of wearing blackface or creating products inspired by the practice. Even though blackface has been denounced repeatedly in […]

Virginia leadership faces backlash for controversies

Photo courtesy of Craig, Flickr Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has been under fire recently after a controversial picture of a person wearing blackface that appeared on his biography page in his medical school’s yearbook page was discovered. Th person in blackface was standing next to another person who was dressed […]

Sen. McConnell under fire for Confederate flag photo

Photo courtesy of William Procher, Wikipedia The Confederate flag is not a complicated part of America’s history. Plain and simple, it is a representation of racist beliefs and actions that stretch from the Civil War until present times. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has come under fire for a picture […]