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Mel Tucker unfairly fired before impending court date

Last week, Michigan State University (MSU) handed Head Coach Mel Tucker a letter that outlined reasons for his upcoming termination, and yesterday morning he was officially fired. Tucker, coach of the Spartans since 2020, has been accused of sexual harassment by Brenda Tracy, a rape survivor who talked to the […]

Ramapo professor lectures on Supreme Court history

Photo courtesy of Joe Ravi, Wikipedia The U.S. Supreme Court is a subject of excitement or apprehension depending on who is talking. Over the years, the Court has dominated public attention and news coverage, and was even a major influence on the 2016 election. To provide some political history on […]

Student: ‘Kim Davis is no victim of religious persecution’

Photo Courtesy of Carter County Detention Center, Wikimedia Commons Over the past few weeks, a woman who once held no social importance ascended to national prominence, and not for something that should be deemed virtuous. Believe it or not, celebritizing individuals is seldom uncommon in American culture, whether it be […]