Anti-trans legislation forces youths to detransition

One of America‚Äôs latest trends has been one of hatred and bigotry: the introduction of legislation that alienates our transgender citizens. There have been a few states now that have presented bills that would restrict America’s transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming treatment, typically in the form of hormones. These decisions […]

Chick-fil-A faces backlash for anti-LGBTQ+ support

Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes, Flickr Chick-fil-A has been known for their association with Christian organizations that are historically anti-LGBTQ+. They faced serious backlash in 2012 for donating to various Christian charities, such as The Marriage and Family Council. At the time, Chick-fil-A released a public statement saying, "Going forward, […]

Presentation on Types of Attraction Informs Students

Photo courtesy of Ted Eytan, Flickr In recognition of Asexual Awareness Week, a presentation on the different types of attractions was held by the Women's Center on Tuesday. Kez St. Louis, Queer Peer Services Coordinator, presented a classroom of 11 students with information and encouragement that they could use to […]

Bi Man Discussion Seeks to Breakdown Stereotypes

Photo by Sarah Sanchez Ramapo College celebrated Bisexual Awareness Week last Thursday, leading up to Bisexuality Day on Friday. The goal of the week was to recognize and celebrate the bisexual community. The college also sought to accelerate acceptance of the bi+ community and draw attention to specific public policy […]

Yolo Akili Robinson Speaks About LGBT Violence

Photo by Hope Patti Yolo Akili Robinson was invited on Monday by the College's Women's Center and Ramapo Pride to give a presentation in Friends Hall on various forms of violence that are less known to the public and which occur within LGBTQ communities. Robinson led an informative, interactive and […]

Event Links Mental Health and Act of Coming Out

Photo by Pauline Park The correlation between mental health and the act of coming “out of the closet” was discussed on Thursday at an event hosted by the Active Minds club and the Women’s Center. The event started off with the students getting to know each other. Sophomore Grace Maute, […]