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The 2020 election closes with a national celebration

Photo courtesy of Geoff Livingston, Flickr   The 2020 presidential election took way longer than anyone expected. After what felt like endless nights of obsessively watching the news for updates on this stressful election, an announcement finally came on Saturday, Nov. 7: former Vice President Joe Biden was projected as the […]

Students unpack issues with eating disorder portrayals

Photo courtesy of Full House, Wikipedia As a part of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, students gathered in the Women’s Center to discuss toxic portrayals surrounding eating disorders in the media. By talking about characters in books, movies and television shows, students uncovered problematic discrepancies between stereotyped media portrayals and […]

Women’s Center hosts talk on media representation

Cartoon courtesy of Wikia Over the years, television and movie producers have faced scrutiny for the lack of representation of minorities. Disabled individuals in particular have faced an extreme lack of representation in media. Characters with disabilities are scarce in movies and television programs, and even when they are featured […]

Misinformation about Biseuxality Perpetuated by TV

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia TV is a major player in shaping how America sees the world and when people allow TV to dictate their thinking, without deep introspection, it perpetuates the stereotypes that TV puts forward. It is 2016 and the media still has problems with bisexuality. I, and many […]

Vaccine Debate Heavily Influenced by Media and Entertainment

Photo Courtesy of Novartis AG, Flickr Creative Commons Popular culture has yet again played up the vaccine debate through comedy, presenting the issue for discussion in the forums of public opinion on the Internet and television. Recently, Jimmy Kimmel did a segment on the topic. He discussed vaccinations and why […]

Analyzing the Roots of Black Hair Politics

Ramapo’s observance of African Ancestry Month came to a close last week after a month full of events dedicated to the celebration and recognition of black identities were held. During the month, the Black Student Union, Ebony Women for Social Change and the Organization of Latino Unity held events like […]

Underreported News Leaves World Issues in the Dark

During my first semester at Ramapo I was given an assignment to write a paper on a news story that had been rarely discussed in mass media. The assignment involved going to a website that shares news topics not often addressed by the mass media, which got me thinking: the […]