Tag: Mental Health

Overworked students have poorer mental health

Has the phrase, “you’ll sleep when you’re dead” ever come to mind when you stay up through the night trying to finish all of your assignments? It certainly does whenever I am, on top of working for The Ramapo News and trying to jumpstart the Literature Club. However, my situation […]

TikTok opponents deem it a U.S. security hazard

It has been a debate for the past few years on whether TikTok should be banned in the United States. The online social media platform gained immense popularity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and has since grown in users. Concerns about TikTok have risen from its parent company, ByteDance, being based […]

NCAA acknowledges student athletes’ mental health crises

With an increased realization of the connection between physical and mental health, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) released a Mental Health Best Practices guide in 2016 that offered recommendations, resources and procedures for coaches, athletic departments, administrators, athletic trainers and others to assist student athletes with mental health related […]

Kanye West spirals further into conservative controversy

Grammy-winning and internationally renowned rap artist Kanye West’s recent actions have led to a wave of backlash and criticism among his fans, political activists and fellow music artists. West recently wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt alongside conservative political commentator Candance Owens, made an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and […]

Biden Admin ignores main cause of gun violence

America is no stranger to gun violence. With schools practicing lockdown drills, discussions of teachers carrying guns and more security roaming the halls, this fear is always on our minds. But why do we put the responsibility of protection on the schools rather than the source of the guns? This […]

CHCS destigmatizes mental illness with students

The Center for Health and Counseling Services (CHCS) held a screening of “It’s Real: College Students and Mental Health” in Laurel Hall on Sept. 28. The event comes at the end of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Megan Johnston, the health educator with CHCS, said the goal of the event was […]

BeReal demands vulnerability from users

All summer long, teenagers have been participating in a phenomenon known as BeReal. The app, which launched in 2020, gained significant popularity during the last few months for promoting its users to be authentic online. According to Time, downloads “increased 86% month-over-month from June for a total of 7.8 million” […]