Students partner with MEVO to clean up dumping sites

Photo courtesy of Allie Grinkevich Despite the rainy weather, a group of Ramapo students spent Monday cleaning up dumping sites on Stag Hill, home of the local Ramapough Indians. Led by MEVO, or Mahwah Environmental Volunteers Organization, the cleanup took place in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. While the second […]

Banquet Informs Students of Nearby Lunaape Tribe

Photo by Giancarlo Sepulveda Anthropology classes at Ramapo closed out Native American Heritage Month on Wednesday with a banquet in Friends Hall that highlighted the research that anthropology classes have done in partnership with the Ramapough Lunaape Nation. The banquet featured presentations from various groups covering the pressing matters that […]

Vegetarian Feast Served at Sustainable Thanksgiving

Photo by Nicole Williams The Thursday before Thanksgiving, Friends Hall was decorated with squashes, pine branches, leaves and baskets, along with food facts written on cardboard to spread information about the food industry and food consumption. This was all for Sustainable Thanksgiving, an event sponsored by 1STEP. Students and professors […]