Tag: Midterms

CCEC hosts post election discussion on vulnerability

Photo courtesy of Craig J. Coughlin, Facebook This election season came filled with excitement and apprehension, and it is still unclear how the results of the midterm elections will impact the country in the upcoming years. The Civic & Community Engagement Center invited students to attend an open discussion on […]

Young voters are ready to turn out for midterms

Photo courtesy of CCEC, Facebook Whether it is gun control, abortion, the country’s leadership or US foreign policy, younger voters are an increasingly loud voice as the midterm elections approach on Nov. 6. Involvement is expected to drive higher turnout for a midterm election than what was seen four years ago. […]

Lucky Charms and coloring entice students to destress

Photo courtesy of Public Domain Pictures Two boxes of the marshmallow filled Lucky Charms and a colorful array of crayons and color pencils greeted guests that braved the biting cold and were fortunate enough to make it to the Lodge on Sunday night. Sunday was the CPA’s Residence Hall Council […]

Stigma Attached to Mental Health Inhibits Students

Photo Courtesy of Maarten, Flickr Creative Commons It’s that time again: midterm week is upon us. The semester has flown by and many of us are catching ourselves dazed and confused as to everything we have learned so far. As we approach these frustrating exams and assignments, there will be […]