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The coronavirus is more urgent than Pence says

Photo courtesy of The White House, Flickr As fear of the coronavirus sweeps through the United States, potentially hitting close to home, President Donald Trump has ushered Vice President Mike Pence in as the leader in charge of all communication regarding news of the virus.  This has been seen as […]

Ilhan Omar faces backlash from anti-Israel tweets

Photo courtesy of Kirstie Boyd, Wikipedia Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has caught herself in some hot water the past few weeks, angering some who felt she showed signs of anti-Semitic views in tweets that she sent out. She has been making comments about President Trump and other politicians’ views when […]

NFL protests cause controversy through Week Five

Photo courtesy of Mike Morbeck, Wikipedia During the San Francisco 49ers’ third preseason game last year, cameras caught then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sitting on a bench while the national anthem was playing. Following the game, Kaepernick explained his reasoning for sitting is because of the oppression and hardships people of […]