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Krame Center provides guided meditation in the library

Photo courtesy of Nickolai Kashirin, Flickr Ramapo’s Krame Center for Contemplative Studies and Mindful Living helped students relieve the stress of finals week. From Tuesday to Wednesday afternoon, members of the Krame Center provided stress-reducing exercises in the Potter Library, truly helping students increase their focus and prepare for finals. […]

Krame Center Hosts Event Encouraging Mindful Pauses

Icon courtesy of the Krame Center Many Ramapo students are a part of the nursing or social work programs, among the many other health care and mental health majors. The Krame Center for Mindfulness hosted two industry professionals last Friday to help these students learn how to help themselves while […]

Krame Center Pivots to New Program on Mindfulness

Photo courtesy of Ramapo The Krame Center at Ramapo College recently partnered with the Center of Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts, introducing new programming this fall semester designed to create awareness about the meditative practice of mindfulness. Inspired by their personal experiences with mindfulness, the Krame family was keen […]

Novelist Dani Shapiro Speaks Meditation and Writing

Photo by Jenna Bengvenga The Krame Center for Contemplative Studies and Mindful Living at Ramapo invited Dani Shapiro, an acclaimed literary novelist, to speak on Wednesday. Her discussion was called “Meditation and Writing: The Stories We Carry” and was held in the Trustees Pavilion. The audience was made up of […]

Krame Center Brings Mindfulness to Campus

The Krame Center for Contemplative Studies and Mindful Living, a relatively new addition to Ramapo College, has been working for months to bring mindfulness, a method of relaxation and focus, to campus. Now, the Center has been running frequent workshops for students and faculty to bring this undertaking to fruition. […]