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Six MLB players to break out in 2023

Last year, prior to Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Opening Day, I compiled a list of three pitchers and three batters that I thought would break out. To establish my credibility, I will mention that I was a successful five-for-six in my predictions, including “MLB The Show” cover star Jazz Chisholm […]

N.Y. teams show promise for upcoming MLB season

The flat, rugged fields of grass in massive stadiums have become desolate. After what was such an exciting NFL season, where should our attention shift from here? The baseball diamond has entered the chat, and with new faces in new places, including both contending New York teams, the 2023 MLB […]

Astros scandal follows the team through their career

Photo courtesy of UCinternational, Wikipedia The Houston Astros have labeled as villains in Major League Baseball this past off-season. The sign-stealing cheating scandal has sent ripples through not only the baseball world, but through the entire professional sports world. Fans and players are outraged to say the least, and it is […]