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Social distancing is an urgent social responsibility

Photo courtesy of Crystal Eye Studio, Shutterstock Nations are sealing off their borders to outsiders, all non-essential travel is being banned and all major sports leagues are being postponed until further notice. We are living in uncharted territory that has never been seen before in the modern era. COVID-19 has brought […]

Coronavirus outbreak provokes a political uproar

Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, Flickr COVID-19 has quickly and rapidly become a major talking point in New Jersey. Yet its arrival has sparked more than just conversation; it has provoked fears and produced political chaos worldwide. The coronavirus spread initially from Wuhan, […]

The American Dream Mall will open despite setbacks

Photo courtesy of Brad Miller, Wikipedia The American Dream Mall is a 15-year-plus project that has been plagued with delays, financial issues, legal challenges and even charges of bribery, fraud and racketeering. It has had an interesting transition from its early days to the state that it is currently operating […]

Budget cuts forces Ramapo to readjust

As part of budget cuts, Gov. Phil Murphy froze $235 million in spending on July 8, $1 million of which was part of Ramapo College’s budget. Ramapo, whose operating staff made no official comment, has had to scale back in several fields. “Right now, due to budget restrictions, we are […]

Trump administration take steps against vaping

Photo courtesy of Vaping360, Flickr After over 500 people falling ill and eight deaths due to a mysterious lung disease tied to vaping, health officials are urging the federal government to place restrictions on e-cigarettes. As of Wednesday, Sept. 11, President Trump has responded to the epidemic by calling for […]