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Best bops of winter break

Wondering what the name of that song is that was stuck in your head all winter break while scrolling on TikTok? Or maybe you’re looking for new music to add to your playlist? Look no further and check out a winter music roundup of music hits released in the past […]

Charlie Puth wobbles in new album

After four years full of singles and TikTok videos, pop singer-songwriter Charlie Puth released his third album “CHARLIE” on Friday, Oct. 7. The album shows off his creativity and music production skills, but lyrically it lacks the depth that would make it truly shine. Since the start of his career, […]

Hozier’s new single advocates feminism

On Oct. 3, Irish singer-songwriter Andrew John Hozier-Byrne — known professionally as Hozier — announced he would soon release a new single inspired by the women’s rights movement. “Swan Upon Leda” will be featured on the tracklist of his third album “Unreal Unearth.” Hozier’s Instagram post referenced Egyptian-American journalist and […]

Jack Harlow, AURORA and more release summer singles

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records. With summer albums soon approaching, artists are dropping single after single to build up hype. Some of this weeks’ singles had their own anticipation running high, and some were an unexpected but pleasant change in sound for the artists.    1. “First Class” by Jack Harlow […]