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Jack Harlow, AURORA and more release summer singles

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records. With summer albums soon approaching, artists are dropping single after single to build up hype. Some of this weeks’ singles had their own anticipation running high, and some were an unexpected but pleasant change in sound for the artists.    1. “First Class” by Jack Harlow […]

Noname’s sophomore album triumphs

Courtesy of Nyaomi, Wikipedia Within the first few chords of the opening song, even before a single word is spoken, it’s clear that Noname’s sophomore album, “Room 25,” is a triumph. Fatima Nyeema Warner, a rapper from Chicago who goes by the stage name Noname, released her first official album […]

Niall Horan leaves behind boy band facade for

Photo courtesy of Ashley Newby, Flickr   One Direction was at one point the most popular boy band. Now, after years of countless Billboard music hits, One Direction is no longer one. Ever since the group separated, the members of One Direction have all set out on their own musical […]