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Minecraft builds onto Super Smash Brothers with new DLC

Photo courtesy of AntMan3001, Flickr   Whenever a new “Super Smash Brothers” character is revealed, the internet seems to explode. The morning of Oct. 1 was no exception. After a Nintendo Direct presentation announcing the newest “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate” DLC fighters Steve and Alex from Minecraft was posted, Twitter […]

Three 3D Mario games are available for the Nintendo Switch

Photo courtesy of Aren'tYouAlex-Spencer?, Flickr “Super Mario 3D All-Stars” is a collection of three, 3D Mario video games upgraded for the Nintendo Switch. These games include the classic “Super Mario 64,” the tropical “Super Mario Sunshine,” and the out of this world “Super Mario Galaxy.” The release of the collection […]

Nintendo Revamps Hyrule in Latest Installment

Image courtesy of Wikipedia The “Zelda” video game franchise has delivered players engaging, critically acclaimed adventures for more than 30 years: the first game in the series, “The Legend of Zelda,” was released in 1986. However, the franchise has long been marked by a lack of originality, as nearly all […]

The New Wave of Video Games Excite Loyal Fans

Photo courtesy of Blozikiki, Flickr The video game industry has gotten off to a strong start this year with the release of “Resident Evil 7,” “For Honor” and the addition of Lunar New Year skins for the first-person shooter, “Overwatch.” Video game company The Behemoth, which has produced hit games […]

Pokémon Returns Revamped and Better Than Ever

Photo courtesy of Tofoli.douglas, Flickr "Pokémon" has long been a series renowned for its repetitive, formulaic gameplay. That’s not to say most video game franchises don’t have formulas and well-worn structures – they do. However, most franchises are marked by a willingness to tweak and alter parts of their core […]

Nintendo to Celebrate 20 Years of Pokémon

Photo courtesy of Pokemonkawade, Flickr Creative Commons Nintendo is the company behind some of the most iconic video game franchises ever. One of their most recognizable, Pokémon, turns 20 this year. In recognition of the brand’s anniversary, Nintendo is launching several new Pokémon games and announcing plans for their future projects. […]

Nintendo Back on Top with New Game Releases

Photo courtesy of Nintendo Things seem to be looking up for Nintendo. Though never truly in danger of closing, the entertainment software giant reported dismal earnings for last year and its future was very much in flux. Their most recent home console, the Wii U, had failed to meet even […]