Tag: October

Feminists march for political and social justice

Photo courtesy of Kimika Ying, Flickr On Saturday, Oct. 17, the streets of Washington, D.C. and sister cities across the country were filled with thousands of protestors taking part in the fourth annual Women’s March. Back in January 2017, the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the Women’s March organization took […]

Companies take part in breast cancer awareness month

Photo courtesy of Marylan Gov Pics, Flickr Large-scale companies, such as Estée Lauder, promoting Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns each October has come to be known as “Pinktober. While breast cancer research used to receive minimum funding, these campaigns have helped raise awareness. Today thousands of women come together for breast […]

This Halloween “Wonder Woman” costumes reign

Photo by Giancarlo Sepulveda As Halloween came and left, most people were either purchasing last minute costumes or binge watching the first season of the Netflix Original series “Stranger Things” before the premiere of the second season last Friday. This year’s Halloween was about embracing each of our inner superheroes […]