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Harry Styles debuts his new song on SNL this week

Photo courtesy of vagueonthehow, Flickr   As the clock struck 11:30pm in the Big Apple, fans all over turned their TVs to NBC to watch Harry Styles take on double duty on “Saturday Night Live” as this week’s host and musical performer.  Though this is not Styles’ first time appearing […]

Harry Styles’ new single signals musical maturity

Photo courtesy of Eva Rinaldi, Wikipedia After two years, Harry Styles has unexpectedly released a new single titled “Lights Up” alongside its own music video. The song and video both present Styles’ seemingly new era of music: brutally honest, psychedelic and representative of his music’s growing maturity. This song is […]

Niall Horan leaves behind boy band facade for

Photo courtesy of Ashley Newby, Flickr   One Direction was at one point the most popular boy band. Now, after years of countless Billboard music hits, One Direction is no longer one. Ever since the group separated, the members of One Direction have all set out on their own musical […]

Taylor Swift Wins Big at Performance-Heavy AMAs

Photo by Jana Zills, Wikipedia A slew of awards and performances were dished out on Sunday, as the American Music Awards, also known as the AMAs, celebrated its 42nd year. This year’s host was Jennifer Lopez, who opened the show with a 10-minute dance number that incorporated the biggest hits of […]