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Pokémon celebrates its 25th anniversary with new media

Photo courtesy of The Come Up Show, Flickr   On Feb. 27, the Pokémon franchise celebrated its 25th anniversary. With countless fans around the world, Pokémon is currently the highest-grossing media franchise in history. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, The Pokémon Company announced various brand deals, music opportunities, and […]

Pokémon Returns Revamped and Better Than Ever

Photo courtesy of Tofoli.douglas, Flickr "Pokémon" has long been a series renowned for its repetitive, formulaic gameplay. That’s not to say most video game franchises don’t have formulas and well-worn structures – they do. However, most franchises are marked by a willingness to tweak and alter parts of their core […]

Nintendo to Celebrate 20 Years of Pokémon

Photo courtesy of Pokemonkawade, Flickr Creative Commons Nintendo is the company behind some of the most iconic video game franchises ever. One of their most recognizable, Pokémon, turns 20 this year. In recognition of the brand’s anniversary, Nintendo is launching several new Pokémon games and announcing plans for their future projects. […]