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Controversial arrest sparks outrage in Philadelphia

Courtesy of AKS.9955, Wikipedia Starbucks faces backlash after two black men were arrested for standing in the establishment for two minutes. Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson arrived at Starbucks for a real estate business meeting at a Philadelphia Starbucks. After arriving Nelson asked to use the restroom and the manager said […]

Former NBA Player Chris Herren Visits Ramapo

Photo by Hope Patti Former NBA player Chris Herren stopped by the Bradley Center on Monday to share his story of overcoming alcohol and drug abuse. Students from Ramapo, as well as community colleges and local high schools, gathered at the event hosted by the Mahwah Municipal Alliance to hear […]

Search and Seizure Discussed at Recent SCOTUS Event

Photo courtesy of Mitchell Shapiro Photography, Flickr For their second discussion of the year, the SCOTUS series focused on Utah v. Streiff, a recent case involving search and seizure and fourth amendment rights. Michael DeMarco, deputy first assistant prosecutor in Passaic county and professor of criminal law at Ramapo, led […]