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Pavoncello Presents Italian Politics

Photo by Hope Patti On Thursday, Ramapo welcomed Franco Pavoncello, the President of John Cabot University in Rome and a professor of political science, to lead a presentation in the York Room on “Lessons Learned from Contemporary Italian Politics.” The discussion focused on the United States' standing as a world super power […]

#BlackLivesMatter Discussed During Recent Coffee Talk

Photo by Pauline Park The Women’s Center hosted an event on Wednesday for students to address diversity and the social climate on campus. This event was the first of their “coffee talk” series, with this one properly titled, “Coffee Talk: #blacklivesmatter – Campus Climate at Ramapo.” In a packed room, […]

Double Standards Hurt Women’s Leadership in Politics

Photo courtesy of United States Department of State Last week’s “SNL” spoof of the Democratic debate featuring Bernie Sanders (Larry David), Jim Webb (Alec Baldwin) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon), has been the talk of all things political in social media. And while there was much to admire about the […]

Student: ‘There is a Danger in the Isolation of Religion’

Photo Courtesy of Lawrence OP, Flickr Creative Commons In recent months, following the Kim Davis controversy and Pope Francis’s visit to the United States, we have, as a nation, begun to question the role religion should play in society — most notably in the political arena. It is important to […]

US-Cuba Relations Generate Hope

Photo courtesy of Ricardo Stuckert, Wikimedia Creative Commons The decades long feud between Cuba and America is far from over considering there are still substantial differences between the nations and the ideas that each country’s citizens hold dear. However, after an announcement by President Obama in late 2014, the push to […]