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ICE presence officially lessened in North Jersey

Photo courtesy of Charles Rabada, Unsplash Hudson County, N.J. will end its controversial contract with the federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), releasing its 45 detainees from Kearny jail as of Nov. 1. According to a letter obtained by The Jersey Journal on Sept. 10, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise […]

Pepsi Protest Commercial Undermines Social Issues

Photo courtesy of Disney ABC Television Group, Flickr On Tuesday April 4, Pepsi uploaded what they thought would be a well-received and praised advertisement for their world famous soft drink.  What ended up happening however was the exact opposite. The advertisment, which was posted to their YouTube page, featured people […]

Anti-Trump Protests Help to Promote Conversations

Photo by Hope Patti The morning after the election, I laid in my bed in disbelief. Later that day, I was set to moderate an open forum on sexual violence. The event itself was comprised of a panel of administrators who answered questions and concerns relating to Ramapo’s sexual violence […]

Eric Garner: Lack of Indictment Sparks Outrage

Demonstrators took to New York streets after a Staten Island grand jury ruled “no reasonable cause” to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the chokehold death of Eric Garner. Pantaleo, a white officer, is released of all charges in the killing of Garner; an unarmed black man whose death was […]

Pro-democracy Advocates Fuel Public Debate

Photo courtesy of Trey Menefee, Flickr Creative Commons In recent weeks there have been a series of student protests in Hong Kong. These protests, as reported by the New York Times, are in response to the Aug. 31 decision by the Chinese Parliament to limit the candidates for the highest office […]