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Older television shows make a comeback during COVID

Photo courtesy of etrainer, Flickr   When COVID-19 hit earlier this year, the world’s population shut down and began to quarantine. With many people confined to their homes, unable to work or socialize, people turned to television for entertainment. Several television shows that had not been on the air for […]

Ramapo artists keep busy while social distancing

Photos courtesy of Pamela Martinez (top left), Jennifer Seitis (bottom left), Omiette Allison (top right) and Jennifer Holland (bottom right); Made with Pic Stitch The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted the lives of people who work in arts and entertainment, an industry that is built on social gatherings and live […]

Coronavirus outbreak provokes a political uproar

Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, Flickr COVID-19 has quickly and rapidly become a major talking point in New Jersey. Yet its arrival has sparked more than just conversation; it has provoked fears and produced political chaos worldwide. The coronavirus spread initially from Wuhan, […]