Tag: Racism

Jeffree Star stays quiet in the face of controversy

Photo courtesy of DVSROSS, Flickr The internet’s on-and-off-again favorite beauty guru and YouTuber Jeffree Star has once again stirred up drama on the internet following the promotional photos for his recently released eyeshadow palette named “Blood Lust.” The photo in question pictures Star wearing a purple wig with dreadlocks and […]

Becoming Black Again lecture explores racism in Brazil

Photo courtesy of Becoming Black Again, Wikipedia In Bahia, Brazil, racism is a prevalent issue despite the majority of the population being black. In the presentation of her research, “Becoming Black Again,” Adrielle Matos explores the effects of this racism on the psychology of black college students. Historically, black students […]

Panel discusses racial profiling on the road

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Rabinowitz Researchers from Seton Hall University Law School visited Ramapo last Thursday to present their findings on racial profiling at traffic stops in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Aside from discussing these findings, the three speakers shared their personal experiences with police as black men while on the […]

Patty Mills faces racist comments following Cavs win

Photo courtesy of @Patty_Mills, Twitter What should have been a celebratory night for the San Antonio Spurs and their fan base turned into a night of lessons, and there was one particular lesson to be learned during the 110-94 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The lesson is that racism, no matter […]