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Film Modernizes Religious Icons with Diverse Cast

Photo courtesy of NASA Billngalls, Wikipedia “The Shack” tells the story of Mack Phillips (Sam Worthington) as he begins to deal with a traumatic experience by growing closer to God. After his youngest daughter is kidnapped and presumed dead, Mack struggles to get over what happened to her and slowly […]

ReligiousiTea Series Sparks Talk on a Higher Power

Photo by Hope Patti Launching the monthly ReligiousiTea series, the Office of Equity and Diversity, also known as OED, partnered with the Women’s Center to host an informal discussion on the concept of a higher power in religion. “You find in a variety of religions that there is some concept […]

Student: Planned Parenthood Defunding Efforts Go Against Public Good

Photo courtesy of the Office of Ohio Governor John R Kasich, Wikipedia The controversy around Planned Parenthood has recently brought the issue of abortion back into the news, and it seems like the right time to take a hard look at public opinion polling. Recently, governor and presidential nominee John Kasich […]

Student: ‘There is a Danger in the Isolation of Religion’

Photo Courtesy of Lawrence OP, Flickr Creative Commons In recent months, following the Kim Davis controversy and Pope Francis’s visit to the United States, we have, as a nation, begun to question the role religion should play in society — most notably in the political arena. It is important to […]

Student: ‘Kim Davis is no victim of religious persecution’

Photo Courtesy of Carter County Detention Center, Wikimedia Commons Over the past few weeks, a woman who once held no social importance ascended to national prominence, and not for something that should be deemed virtuous. Believe it or not, celebritizing individuals is seldom uncommon in American culture, whether it be […]