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Who is to blame for America’s political divide?

Photo Courtesy of Clay Banks, Unsplash Today it seems like the tension between the Democratic and Republican parties has reached an all-time high, with no signs of slowing down. What is the reason for the hostility between those that only differentiate within matters of core political values? I gathered my […]

January 6th trials officially begin to mixed reception

Photo courtesy of Tyler Merbler, wiki. Federal agents have investigated Capitol rioters and issued over 600 arrests since Jan. 6. The Justice Department confirmed it is the largest investigation in American history and now, almost ten months later, new arrests occur on a weekly basis.  Rioters — largely members of […]

Trump shows true character by endorsing Roy Moore

Photo courtesy of Roy Moore, Twitter The company one keeps and the people someone endorses are things very important to the life of a politician. Most politicians recognize this and are somewhat willing to sacrifice whatever political agenda they are pursuing in the name of basic morality. However, President Donald […]

Pence Leads Misguided Panel on Women

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Last week, Mike Pence led a panel on women’s empowerment. It closed out a month in which the Trump administration worked to honor women’s contributions to America. He said all the right words, hit all the right beats, displaying him and the Trump administration as crusaders […]

Brain Differences Shape Political Party Affiliations

Photo Courtesy of Hotey As the presidential election looms, the divide between Democrats and Republicans has grown to its greatest gap yet. Since many of the students on this campus will be voting in the next few months, it is time for a fun – if not fully proven look […]