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Tool’s new album has underwhelming moments

Photo courtesy of Deep Schismic, Flickr After 13 years of no new releases, the waiting has finally come to an end, as Los Angeles-based alternative/progressive metal band Tool released their latest album "Fear Inoculum" on Aug. 30th. Unfortunately, with this album, Tool has put out their weakest effort to date, […]

Land of Steady Habits faces mediocre reviews

Courtesy of Flickr “The Land of Steady Habits,” written and directed by Nicole Holofcener, debuted on Netflix early this month. It tells the story of Anders Hill (portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn) and how life changes for him after his retirement and divorce. Retirement is expected to feature some of the […]

J.K. Stein shares abusive relationship in The Director

Photo courtesy of J.K. Stein Consent is something people like to think of as black and white. In the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp, where sexual assault and harassment in the workplace have been brought to the forefront of people’s attention for people to seek and receive justice, there are […]

Jack White moves into experimental rock in solo album

Photo courtesy of Teresa Sedo, Wikipedia Legendary rocker and indie visionary Jack White released a third solo album titled “Boarding House Reach” that blends rock with hip-hop, blues and spoken word for a unique alternative sound. Up until this record, most of White’s solo releases didn’t stray too far from […]

Survival romance proves to be a mountainous failure

Photo courtesy of Andrea Raffin, Wikipedia “The Mountain Between Us” is, without a doubt, the funniest comedy… The film will have the audience in the theater doubled over, weeping with laughter by the end. The only problem being that “The Mountain Between Us” isn’t intended to be a comedy in […]