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Pinegrove revives their authentic sound in “Marigold”

Photo courtesy of Matt Home, Flickr The New Jersey-based rock band Pinegrove renewed their alternative country sound on their fourth album “Marigold,” thanks to warmer timbres and up-tempo ballads. “Marigold” sounds similar to Pinegrove’s past three albums, but the band’s murky guitar timbres were replaced with brighter, shimmering tones. Paired […]

Tool’s new album has underwhelming moments

Photo courtesy of Deep Schismic, Flickr After 13 years of no new releases, the waiting has finally come to an end, as Los Angeles-based alternative/progressive metal band Tool released their latest album "Fear Inoculum" on Aug. 30th. Unfortunately, with this album, Tool has put out their weakest effort to date, […]

Imagine Dragons disappoints with latest album

Photo courtesy of Drew de F Fawkes, Wikipedia “Origins” is the fourth studio album by rock band Imagine Dragons released through KIDinaKORNER, Polydor Records and Interscope Records. The only problem with the “rock band” label is that it has not been true since their third album “Evolve,” and this album […]