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Transfer Student Offers Advice for School Transition

Photo Courtesy of Bradley Gordon, Flickr Creative Commons Whether college students transfer to a new school because they did not like their previous school or are finished at a community college, everyone hopes that the switch will be easy. For some transfer college students, it is. Many students fit in […]

Policies, Support Needed to Aid Syrian Refugee Crisis

Photo Courtesy of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Flickr Creative Commons The Syrian Civil War is leaving millions of refugees homeless. Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey took in the majority of the four million Syrian refugees, but these people are not allowed to work because these countries have very high employment rates. […]

Group Work Brings Both Drawbacks and Benefits

Photo Courtesy of Susan Sermoneta There is a love-hate relationship associated with group projects; some people jump at the chance to work with their friends, while others silently pray that they will be able to do the project on their own. The first step to conquering a dreaded group project […]