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U.S. school shootings continue to run rampant

Photo courtesy of Formulanone, Wikipedia Throughout the first month of 2018, there have been over 11 school shootings and related incidents, including accidental firing, self-inflicted injury and harmful intent. CNN reported that sixteen people were wounded, two of them fatally, after a shooter opened fire at a high school in […]

Students Should Get Involved to Change Gun Laws

The mass-shooting index from the National Gun Violence Archive reads like a calendar. Most of these shootings will never make national news or spark national and international outrage. We are horror struck and left asking: how could this happen? Then there are calls for stricter gun control, which seem to […]

The Candidates’ Current Stance on Gun Control

Photo courtesy of M&R Glasgow, Flickr The second amendment and gun control have been a large part of this year’s election. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have established a clear position on their respective gun control policies. Major points brought up by both candidates involve combatting armed criminals, mentally […]