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Mercer fields complaints at State of the College

Photo by Amanda Karp The 27th State of the College address held this Wednesday revealed long simmering tensions between students, staff and the administration. Students in the Black Student Union and others sat in the audience in silent protest, holding signs which read, “Ramapo recruits us then forgets us” and, […]

Sexism is still omnipresent in sports journalism

Photo courtesy of Parker Anderson, Flickr Every aspect of a sporting event is intimidating. The crowds, competition, masculinity and aggressive nature of what is going on during the event translates off the field. It floods into the press room, as it is not uncommon for an athlete to shrug off […]

Student: Trump’s Latest Sexism ‘Will Not Go Unchecked’

Photo Courtesy of Jamelle Bouie, Flickr Creative Commons Last week Donald Trump managed to shift the national conversation from the three coordinated bombings that occurred in Belgium to the War on Women. Besides the fact that the world was still feeling the effects of the ISIS attacks in Brussels, Trump […]