Tag: Sexual harassment

Mel Tucker unfairly fired before impending court date

Last week, Michigan State University (MSU) handed Head Coach Mel Tucker a letter that outlined reasons for his upcoming termination, and yesterday morning he was officially fired. Tucker, coach of the Spartans since 2020, has been accused of sexual harassment by Brenda Tracy, a rape survivor who talked to the […]

‘Take It Down’ empowers underage victims

I’m sure we have all heard that the internet is forever and we should be wary of our digital footprints. Nevertheless, teens do not seem to think about this message before sending out explicit photos of themselves. Once a picture has been sent, it can never be taken back. However, […]

Mercer fields complaints at State of the College

Photo by Amanda Karp The 27th State of the College address held this Wednesday revealed long simmering tensions between students, staff and the administration. Students in the Black Student Union and others sat in the audience in silent protest, holding signs which read, “Ramapo recruits us then forgets us” and, […]