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Professors discuss future of women’s studies minor

The women’s and gender studies minor is a valuable asset for students looking to gain an insight of the implications gender has had and continues to have on society. The field of women’s and gender studies, though, is perpetually growing. Its progressive nature, therefore, has led conveners of the minor […]

Presentation on Types of Attraction Informs Students

Photo courtesy of Ted Eytan, Flickr In recognition of Asexual Awareness Week, a presentation on the different types of attractions was held by the Women's Center on Tuesday. Kez St. Louis, Queer Peer Services Coordinator, presented a classroom of 11 students with information and encouragement that they could use to […]

Bi Man Discussion Seeks to Breakdown Stereotypes

Photo by Sarah Sanchez Ramapo College celebrated Bisexual Awareness Week last Thursday, leading up to Bisexuality Day on Friday. The goal of the week was to recognize and celebrate the bisexual community. The college also sought to accelerate acceptance of the bi+ community and draw attention to specific public policy […]

Governor Brown Sets Precedent for Bisexual Visibility

Photo Courtesy of Josh Goldberg, Wikimedia Kate Brown, former secretary of state, made inaugural history after becoming the nation’s first openly bisexual governor on Feb. 18, following the resignation of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber in the aftermath of an influence-peddling scandal involving his fiancée. While Kitzhaber sits under investigation by […]