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BeReal demands vulnerability from users

All summer long, teenagers have been participating in a phenomenon known as BeReal. The app, which launched in 2020, gained significant popularity during the last few months for promoting its users to be authentic online. According to Time, downloads “increased 86% month-over-month from June for a total of 7.8 million” […]

Brands create false personas on social media

Photo courtesy of World's Direction, Flickr. These days, brands are taking a new approach to their social media marketing, coming in the form of creating content that aligns more with Gen Z and millennial humor than it does professional standards. Brands like Duolingo and Lionsgate hop on trendy sounds, boosting their name with millions of […]

#MomTok is turning babies into influencers

Photo courtesy of Donnie Ray Jones, Flickr. Whenever I’m on TikTok, I watch content from some of my favorite TikTok moms. I check in on Lena and her jokes, I see if Franklin has started to talk yet and I watch Maia make “babas” for her babies nicknamed “Scotch” and […]

True crime: Intriguing hobby or active hazard?

Photo courtesy of Brandon Anderson, Flickr For the past few years, true crime has become a popular trend in modern media. Podcasts, Netflix and YouTube are just some of the hot spots for true crime content. Bailey Sarian, popular for her “Murder Mystery and Makeup Mondays” series, has 5.65 million […]