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Trump feuds with Spike Lee over Oscars speech

Photo courtesy of David Shankbone, Wikipedia Last Sunday, almost 30 million people throughout the nation tuned in to watch this year’s celebration of cinema with the 91st Academy Awards. Unfortunately, even on an elegant night like the Oscars, there was no stopping the apparent “political wrath” of President Donald Trump.  […]

Viewers are divided over the 2019 Oscars

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia After months and months of nothing but controversy surrounding the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ decisions regarding the Best Popular Film category, the celebrity that they originally chose to host the ceremony (Kevin Hart), and the four categories (Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Makeup […]

NBA Releases Official Statement to Ban Twitter Wars

Graphic courtesy of Hjw223, Flickr Whether the topic of conversation is the infamous Reggie Miller versus Spike Lee feud, Michael Jordan’s ability to penetrate the mindset of players throughout games, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook’s beef or the modern day ‘Twitter wars’ amongst NBA players that captivate fans today, trash […]