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Popular streaming services underpay musicians

Photo courtesy of Apple Music, Wikipedia. Streaming services have become an ingrained part of our culture, and for good reason. It’s very convenient to have so much content available to you for a low monthly rate. Music is no exception, as you can find most artists that you’re looking for on […]

YouTube Introduces Paid Music Subscription

Photo Courtesy of YouTube Recently, YouTube has teamed up with Google to offer a new paid music subscription service which allows users to stream music ad-free without an Internet connection. The new YouTube Music Key service is set to cost $9.99 when released to the public. According to billboard.com, “mobile […]

Taylor Swift and Other Artists Break up with Spotify

Photo courtesy of Spotify The Swedish startup Spotify, which has taken the music world by storm since its inception in 2008, is doing its best to navigate the upheaval of Taylor Swift’s recent departure. The music streaming service has long been speculated to be abusive of artists' music royalties; this […]