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SGA invites students to speak out on campus

Photo courtesy of Celine Panis-Pardo. It’s important for students to recognize the fact that they have a voice in their community, a voice that allows them to be more involved in their community and helps them learn how to become an active citizen. As college students, we are still learning how […]

Voting for SGA is live, here are your candidates

Photo courtesy of Ramapo Student Government Assocation, Facebook   Today, you received an email from Ramapo’s Student Government Association encouraging you to vote for the 2020-21 SGA elections. The positions on the ballot include Senator-at-Large and various school senators.  The polls opened today and will close on Wednesday, Sept. 30 […]

SGA Proposes Amendments to Student Handbook

Photo by Nicole Williams In response to the important updates to the Student Handbook, the Student Government Association has been working tirelessly to find alternatives to the increased sanctions enacted at the beginning of this semester. We have presented three forms of legislation proposing changes to the policies. Our main […]