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CPB hosts highly attended Stuff-a-Plush event

Photo courtesy of Deigo Delso, Wikipedia By far the cutest event on campus, Stuff-A-Plush has been one of the most well-attended events of the spring 2019 semester so far. On Friday, Feb. 15, the College Programing Board hosted their first round of Stuff-A-Plush for the spring semester after seeing the […]

CPB’s DIY Valentine’s event attracts a large crowd

Photo courtesy of Diego Delso, Wikipedia More than 100 students stood on line outside Friends Hall for the College Programming Board’s annual Valentine’s Day themed Stuff-A-Plush event on Thursday evening. Ten at a time, students were ushered into the DIY craft event to choose from a selection of plush animals. […]

Students Personalize Stuffed Animals for Valentine’s

Photo courtesy of Björn Láczay, Flickr Students lined up outside of the Alumni Lounges for the College Programming Board’s annual Valentine’s Day-themed event Stuff-A-Plush on Thursday despite the closure of the College due to snowfall. Inside, students sat down among friends and significant others to make stuffed animals for Valentine’s […]