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How to keep busy in this time of isolation

Photo courtesy of NBC, Wikipedia It is important to remain inside and comply with social distancing policies to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Here are some books, TV shows, films, podcasts and music to listen to as you do so. Books  “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett “Good […]

Politics infiltrate and stir uproar at 69th Emmy Awards

Photo courtesy of Montclair Film Festival, Wikipedia The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards featured many important moments for several popular shows, as the night seemed to center around an unofficial, political theme. The show opened up with a satirical song and dance number by host Stephen Colbert, who referenced current political […]

Funny or Die Sketch Gets Baseball Comedy Show on IFC

Photo courtesy of Disney ABC Television Group, Flickr Baseball is in full swing, and as fans of the game flock to stadiums across the country, television network IFC is offering viewers “Brockmire,” a new comedy dedicated to America’s pastime. Airing Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT, the show stars Hank Azaria […]

Black Mirror; The Twilight Zone of Our Generation

Photo courtesy of Feline Dacat, Wikipedia As technology has become further and further integrated into each and every aspect of our lives, humanity optimistically looks forward to the different ways it may make our day-to-day lives easier. However, the moral dilemmas technological advances can cause are often overlooked. The third […]

68th Emmys Highlights Diversity in Television

Photo courtesy of Angela George, Wikipedia Within the first 10 minutes of one of the most anticipated nights on television, Jimmy Kimmel arrived in style with the help of “Game of Thrones’” Khaleesi and her dragon, roasted Republican candidate Donald Trump, and bragged about Hollywood’s growing diversity. “Are we ready […]

Misinformation about Biseuxality Perpetuated by TV

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia TV is a major player in shaping how America sees the world and when people allow TV to dictate their thinking, without deep introspection, it perpetuates the stereotypes that TV puts forward. It is 2016 and the media still has problems with bisexuality. I, and many […]