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News rundown: What you missed over winter break

A lot has happened in the world over the winter break. Let’s catch up on the major news headlines:   Amelia Earhart’s missing plane The fate of record-breaking American aviator Amelia Earhart has been a mystery to us for nearly 87 years. However, recent findings with Deep Sea Vision researchers […]

Book banning promotes censorship in education

Photo courtesy of Element5 Digital, Pexels. Book banning is a long-standing battle teachers, librarians and book-lovers have been fighting. The topic resurfaced into the mainstream news when “Maus,” a graphic novel written and illustrated by Art Spiegelman based on his father's experience during the Holocaust, was banned by a Tennessee school […]

Texas is unprepared in face of massive snowstorm

Photo courtesy of Matt Johnson, Flickr   Last week, millions of Texans were left without power in their homes, leaving them freezing in horrifying conditions. This tragedy caused the deaths of multiple people, with causes ranging from hypothermia to lack of power. Included in Texas’s losses are large quantities of […]

Texas moves forward with anti-abortion laws

Photo courtsey of American Life League, Flickr City councils hold many responsibilities for the communities they serve, ranging from passing ordinances relating to public health and safety, including business. Six city councils in East Texas are taking up a self-appointed responsibility: restrictive ordinances forbidding abortion in their towns. In Waskom, […]

Khalid’s new era starts strong with new EP

Photo courtesy of Khalid, Facebook Some musicians never forget their roots, whether it be Bruce Springsteen performing at the dingy bars he had his first gigs in, or Billy Joel booking residency tours in the city that raised him. Joining the ranks of the humble and gracious enters R&B singer Khalid […]

Congress needs to address gun control problem now

Graphic courtesy of Wikipedia With the latest mass shooting taking place in Sutherland Springs, Texas, it is important now more than ever to discuss the problem with domestic abusers owning firearms. As is the case with other mass shootings, the gun lobbyists are quick to express their sympathy and offer […]