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J.K. Rowling’s new novel is riddled with transphobia

Photo courtesy of Daniel Ogren, Flickr J.K. Rowling has spent the last few years being berated on social media for several accounts of transphobic comments and actions. No one deserves inhumane messages constantly sent towards them. However, this does not negate the fact that Rowling has once again published something […]

Another anti-trans bill has been introduced in 10 states

Photo courtesy of Sharon McCutcheon, Unsplash An anti-trans bill has been proposed in the following states: Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas and South Dakota.  Trans youth are a vulnerable group and legislators have maintained focus on them by planning to ban doctors from treating those […]

Trump bans transgender people from serving in military

Photo courtesy of Shealah Craighead, Wikipedia President Trump has reversed one of the Obama’s administration’s policy that allowed transgender military personnel to openly serve while having access to mental health and medical care. The policy, which was implemented on April 12, is in essence, an updated “don’t ask, don’t tell” […]

The Transgender Issue of Bathrooms Comes to Ramapo

Photo by Caleb Herbst In light of President Trump’s rescission of Obama-era Department of Justice and Department of Education protections for transgender students, the debate over whether or not students who are transgender should be allowed to use restrooms corresponding to their gender identity has been reignited. President Trump’s decision, […]

Smear Campaign Distracts Voters from Focus of Prop 1

Photo Courtesy of Daniel 2986, Wikipedia This Tuesday, citizens of Houston, Texas voted to reject Proposition 1, an ordinance that would have created a range of anti-discrimination protections in public accommodations, employment, housing, city contracting and other Houston city services. Under the proposed legislation, also known as the Houston Equal […]

Cherno Biko Discusses Transgender Rights

Photo by Hannah Reasoner On Friday, Sept. 18, Ramapo College welcomed Cherno Biko, a transgender advocate, to come and speak to faculty and students about issues surrounding the transgender community. Ramapo was the first stop on Biko’s "Mrs. Biko World Tour," during which she will stop at various colleges to […]

Sarah Silverman Wage Gap Video Falls Flat on Intersectionality

Two weeks ago, Sarah Silverman released a Youtube video discussing the gender wage gap. It received mixed reviews from social justice advocates. The video, “Sarah Silverman Closes the Gap,” depicts Silverman going to a hospital and getting sex reassignment surgery to “become a dude” to make more money. The video […]