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January 6th trials officially begin to mixed reception

Photo courtesy of Tyler Merbler, wiki. Federal agents have investigated Capitol rioters and issued over 600 arrests since Jan. 6. The Justice Department confirmed it is the largest investigation in American history and now, almost ten months later, new arrests occur on a weekly basis.  Rioters — largely members of […]

Federal aid is sustaining the American economy

Photo courtesy of U.S. Government, Wikipedia On April 15, the Federal Reserve decided to inject 2.3 trillion dollars into the economy minutes before the stock market opened in order to aid the devastating number of Americans who had filed for unemployment benefits. This is one in a long list of […]

The discussion of Trump’s tax returns resurfaces

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr An ever-looming battle has been raging in the background of the Trump administration: the president's infamous tax returns. This battle has been the epicenter for many claims about the president, such as whether he has committed tax fraud, if he is indebted to Russian […]

Whistleblower involvement explained

Photo courtsey of Michael Vadon, Flickr The ongoing impeachment inquiry pace has been lightning fast – so fast that it may be a little hard to keep track of. So, let's break down how this all started. A whistleblower complaint came out on Aug. 12 regarding the July 25 call […]

What the Trump impeachment inquiry will look like

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr Democrats in the House of Representatives have decided to move forward with an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. This is the first time that an impeachment inquiry has been announced since 1996 with President Bill Clinton. The inquiry announcement was made on Sept. […]

Ramapo students gather to view State of the Union

Photo by Jordan Elstad President Trump delivered the 96th annual State of the Union address Tuesday night, and Ramapo students gathered at Padvano Commons to watch and discuss. The event was low-key, offering food for students and screening the address on two separate networks in order to maintain a sense […]

Midterms brought a sense of voter responsibilty

Photo courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr Go vote: it’s the words that many students have probably heard from their professors, all over social media or, even more likely, a nagging relative. This midterm election brought with it a sense of voter responsibility, as the turnout for voting passed previous midterms […]