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Trump does not respond to chaos outburst in Syria

Photo courtesy of Minister-president Rute, Wikipedia Following the recent removal of allied U.S. troops from the Syrian-Turkey border, chaos has erupted throughout Northern Syria, causing thousands of civilians to seek refuge elsewhere or be caught in the crossfire.  With the U.S. troops gone, there was ample opportunity for Turkey militia […]

Syrian invasion has a domino effect

Photo courtesy of 45asian789456, Wikipedia Turkey has invaded Syria, marking a new chapter in the bloody Syrian Civil War, which has plagued the country since 2011.  This extended conflict first began as an effort to stop Arab Spring protestors. There were signals that the war was finally beginning to calm […]

Thanksgiving Football Features Division Rivalries

Photo courtesy of Sam Posten III, Flickr Creative Commons Thanksgiving football did not disappoint this season, as three games between divisional rivals were part of family traditions celebrated across America on Thursday. Freshman Patrick Morgan said football has become synonymous with Thanksgiving Day. “Whether it is playing football outside or watching […]