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The coronavirus is more urgent than Pence says

Photo courtesy of The White House, Flickr As fear of the coronavirus sweeps through the United States, potentially hitting close to home, President Donald Trump has ushered Vice President Mike Pence in as the leader in charge of all communication regarding news of the virus.  This has been seen as […]

Coronavirus is spreading faster than anticipated

Photo courtesy of 57 Andrew, Flickr Talk of the new coronavirus has spread faster than the virus itself. It has taken over the news and is mentioned daily in conversations. It is a contagious illness spreading very quickly among people.  Currently, over 40,000 people have been diagnosed and roughly 900 […]

Trump does not respond to chaos outburst in Syria

Photo courtesy of Minister-president Rute, Wikipedia Following the recent removal of allied U.S. troops from the Syrian-Turkey border, chaos has erupted throughout Northern Syria, causing thousands of civilians to seek refuge elsewhere or be caught in the crossfire.  With the U.S. troops gone, there was ample opportunity for Turkey militia […]

Syrian invasion has a domino effect

Photo courtesy of 45asian789456, Wikipedia Turkey has invaded Syria, marking a new chapter in the bloody Syrian Civil War, which has plagued the country since 2011.  This extended conflict first began as an effort to stop Arab Spring protestors. There were signals that the war was finally beginning to calm […]

Trump shows insensitivity towards migrant caravan

Photo courtesy of AH8329, Wikipedia In an extreme attempt of keeping his promise to control migration and the issue of illegal immigration into the U.S, President Donald Trump ordered the closure of the U.S.-Mexico border to install new barriers. On Monday, the San Ysidro border in Tijuana, Mexico, one of […]

Study shows baby strollers to be injurious

Courtesy of Brian Snelson, Flickr While many of us have grown up in baby walkers as a way for parents to give us more freedom as toddlers, doctors are once again warning parents to stay away from walkers as they are injuring too many children, a study showed. According to […]