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Clinton rejects Lewinsky scandal as abuse of power

Photo courtesy of United States Department of State, Wikpedia In an interview with CBS this past Sunday, Hillary Clinton outraged many supporters of the #MeToo movement. When asked by CBS correspondent Tony Dokoupil if her husband Bill Clinton’s past affair with Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power, she told […]

President Appoints Inexperienced Daughter as Assistant

Photo courtesy of Michael Vadon, Wikipedia The signs were omnipresent throughout the campaign trail and in the early days of the new presidency. Photographed numerous times accompanying her father on meetings with business leaders and foreign representatives, Ivanka Trump’s role was left open to interpretation. Yet, the American public knew […]

The Trump Family Goes Against Presidential Traditions

Photo courtesy of Binim Arten, Wikipedia Throughout the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, news headlines consistently criticized the costs of the president’s many golfing trips. During the days of George Bush, journalists were skeptical of the 43rd president’s constant trips to his Texas ranch.   To be sure, government […]