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Companies to Introduce 4G in Vehicles

In 2014, it is very rare for an individual to say that they do not have or do not want to have the latest smartphone. One is almost ostracized if they do not participate in using social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  There is little doubt that […]

Older Wiis No Longer Supported on Wi-Fi Network

Photo courtesy of Mark Santa Ana, Flickr Creative Commobns Information Technology Services (ITS) has raised the data rate on the Ramapo-MultimediaDevices Wi-Fi, meaning a faster network for the community at large, but no Internet access to those with older Nintendo Wiis. “The older Wii has a weird chip set,” said Network […]

College Introduces Wi-Fi Across Entire Campus

Photo by Nicole Williams Ramapo College now has something in common with your favorite Starbucks. While the coffee here has not changed, the school’s internet connectivity has. Ramapo College has gone from students bringing their own personal access points to school-hosted wireless internet. Boasting campuswide coverage, Ramapo promises to connect […]