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Menstruation may warrant time off

Period. The end of a sentence, an era of hell for anyone with a uterus. According to Health Central, a “woman spends 3,000 days of her life menstruating,” which is approximately eight or so years. A period occurs once a month for around five to seven days, depending on the […]

Top ten women changing the music industry

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan UK, Wikipedia 1. Selena Gomez – RARE Pop  Gomez started off the new year with a bang and this album was a major comeback for her. Although the singer thought it might end her career, nervous about what others would think, she received nothing less than […]

“Suffragette” underscores the urgency of social change

Photo courtesy of eva rinaldi, Flickr What does it take to impose lasting and meaningful change into the societal structures that plague our world? The 2015 drama “Suffragette” paints an eye-opening expression of the true sacrifice that early 20th-century British women faced while fighting alongside the suffragette movement. The movie primarily […]